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Archive How to Request Artwork by Email Thank you for your request! Due to high levels of interest, it might take a while before we receive your request. Be sure to check back! * Existing customers please login in order to make changes to your order. * There is a 4.0% purchase fee on orders with a value over €150 Message sent Thank you for your request. We'll take a look at your artwork and contact you shortly. How to Request Artwork by Phone HOW TO USE THIS ARTWORK FILE HOW TO DOWNLOAD TO YOUR WINDOWS COMPUTER GO TO THE LINK ATTACHED TO THE TOP RIGHT OF THIS PAGE, OR CLICK HERE. HOW TO DOWNLOAD TO YOUR MAC COMPUTER Click on the above link to download the PDF. You may be required to accept the terms and conditions which is mentioned in the file. IF THE DOWNLOAD LINK IS NOT OPENED, PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK TO OPEN. HOW TO DOWNLOAD TO YOUR CELL PHONE Download the PDF file to your computer's hard drive. (on iPhone and iPad, a "Save" button will open in the top right corner of the PDF file to save the file to the device's camera roll. You can then email the file to your cell phone from your computer.) NOW, YOU CAN OPEN THE PDF FILE AND CLICK ON THE "SAVE" BUTTON IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF TO YOUR CELL PHONE. WHAT TO DO AFTER YOU DOWNLOAD THE PDF Find the section titled "Instructions to File Artwork". In that section, please follow the instructions on how to load and save the artwork file.



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